How to Download Youtube Videos Android, IOS, PC, Laptop 5 Best Ways – Youtube Shorts Download

How to Download Youtube Videos Android, IOS, PC, Laptop 5 Best Ways – Youtube Shorts Download. 5 Simple methods to save YouTube YouTube clips. Are you in search of simple and legal methods to download YouTube videos YouTube? If you’re looking to download YouTube videos to watch offline or for editing, There are plenty of easy and free methods to do so.

Find out about how you can download YouTube videos using YouTube Premium, Android, iPhone, Chromebook, and a YouTube video downloader for your computer. We’ll also discuss ways to modify the downloaded YouTube videos using Clipchamp’s no-cost Online Video Editor.


1. YouTube Premium allows you to download YouTube videos

One of the most efficient methods in order to download YouTube content and stay clear of illegal downloads is to sign to YouTube Premium. YouTube Premium offers a cost-per-download service that allows subscribers to access unlimited YouTube videos and songs and access content offline and without advertisements. After signing up, subscribers get a free trial of 3 months and must then pay a monthly cost for the privilege of downloading of YouTube videos.

YouTube Premium

Joining YouTube Premium is an easy procedure. All you need to do is log in to your current YouTube profile, then click your profile picture, and then select Memberships and purchases.


2. Download YouTube videos for Android

We suggest using the YouTube application that comes with YouTube Premium access to all YouTube downloads to the Android device. Users are able to tap the Download button and then select to download YouTube videos for download in three video qualities. The higher the video quality, the greater space it will consume to be able to run on an Android device. The YouTube videos downloaded will be available on your Gallery.

Download YouTube videos for Android

You can also use third-party apps like to download for free, but you could risk breaching YouTube’s copyright policy.

Download YouTube videos in TubeMate

At the top of the page is a magnifying glass icon that you can use to search for a specific YouTube video or scroll down to browse recommended videos. You can also click the Trending tab to see what’s popular.

Choose a movie you wish to download. Once it starts to play, you’ll notice a red Download icon appear on the screen. Select this, then select the quality you prefer for your export and then tap the icon that says Download to start the download.

You’ll receive an email in the middle of the display once the download is complete, clicking this will take users directly to the Download list (also accessible by clicking that small, white Download icon located in the blue bar that is located at the lower right on the display). Click the three dots in front of any video and you’ll be able to choose for playing the movie, or transfer it to a different directory on your computer.

2. Download YouTube videos to your iPhone

The YouTube application for iPhone includes YouTube Premium access lets you directly download the app onto the iPhone camera roll.

Download YouTube videos to your iPhone

If you’re not ready to pay for an YouTube Premium subscription, download Documents by Readdle from the app store for no cost. Click on Documents and Browser, then click on SaveFrom. Add the YouTube link. The YouTube movie can be downloaded onto the device of your choice: iPhone or iPad.

3. Download YouTube videos to Chromebook

To download the YouTube video to your Chromebook begin by making sure your device is running Google Play Store. Download the YouTube app on the Google Play Store. Similar to Android and iPhone you can click the Download button next to the video on YouTube. The YouTube videos that you downloaded will be displayed on your photo gallery.

If you don’t own the YouTube application installed on your Chromebook, install YouTube videos with an alternative service.

4. Download YouTube videos to your PC

Do you not want to spend money on YouTube Premium for downloading YouTube videos to your computer? Make use of VLC Media Player instead. It’s the VLC media player installed on your PC is safe and accessible alternative for downloading YouTube videos.

Go to YouTube to copy the YouTube URL you wish to download. Once you’ve copied the URL, open your VLC media player application. To launch the VLC media player app for Windows users, simply click the Media option, and then open the Network Stream. To open the network for Mac users, click File and followed by Open Network.

Paste in the YouTube URL, and then click open. When the video begins to play choose an option to save video option. The YouTube video will be saved in an MP4 file, with standard title and playback option.

If you’re not able to download YouTube videos with VLC, SnapDownloader is a great alternative to downloading YouTube videos. Download the trial version for 24 hours on the device of your choice: Mac or Windows device, or opt to purchase the lifetime license.

Download YouTube videos on Windows

If you’re interested in going into the unknown and want to try something different, the best alternative is to download videos using a Windows application. There are some that are free, however, they are limited, and others cost the price of. In general, there’s a good alternative for free but it’s Windows in the end and in this case it’s recommended to pay to purchase ByClick’s Downloader. It is user-friendly it is constantly upgraded and makes it is incredibly simple to download videos or audio from YouTube as well as other platforms other than.

All you need to do is take the URL from the video, and then a pop-up window will ask whether you’d like to download the video or audio. You can also choose a default, and it won’t need to ask you: it will automatically take the audio or video and download it to the MP4 at the standard quality.

It’s a reasonable price with a price of $9.99 (around PS7.40) The best part is that you can test it for 24 hours without having to enter any payment information.

If you’re not certain, check one of the no-cost downloaders first. We’re certain you’ll find it to be definitely the best choice.

One of the free alternatives can be the WinX YouTube downloader. It will prompt you to upgrade to a premium version, which allows conversion to various formats (including MP3) however if you’re willing to accept these limitations, it won’t cost you any money.

The procedure is essentially identical to ByClick Downloader simply copy then paste in the link to the application. You then select which resolution you want to download, then click OK, then click press the Download button.

The majority of YouTube downloader applications let you build up an inventory of videos to download them all in one step. Some let you simply copy the URL from the YouTube playlist to download all of the videos in one step.

5. Edit YouTube downloads using Clipchamp

After downloading the YouTube video, it’s now time to edit your video. Change YouTube downloads into quality memes, GIFs, slideshows or tutorial videos with Clipchamp’s no-cost editing tool for online videos.

The editing options are endless. With thousands of tools to pick from, including background removal and cropping, trimming, picture-in-picture, and even our YouTube exporting option and you’ll be making professional videos in just a few minutes.

How to download YouTube playlists

Sometimes, you need to pay for software to live a simple life. In the same vein, ByClick Downloader for Windows is the one we recommend to download playlists.

After installing then open a web browser and then go to YouTube.

Find a video that is part of the playlist. There should be the ‘Download playlist’ option in addition to the button to download videos. You are also able to select the videos you would like to download to download from the collection. Just one Click on Download is all that you require following that.

Frequently asked questions

It is it legal to download YouTube videos? YouTube?

Yes. If you buy a YouTube Premium subscription, it is legal to download videos from YouTube. If you do not download them properly, you may face certain ethical and legal problems. However, YouTube does not have never filed a lawsuit against anyone for breaching these terms. Be sure to read YouTube’s copyright policies prior to downloading YouTube videos.

How do you download YouTube music?

If you wish to download the music of a YouTube video you must download the entire video. For more details read our guide on How to Save YouTube audio blog.

Download YouTube videos in only a few clicks

Downloading YouTube video clips allows viewers to view them without internet access and also the capability to use videos to enhance and edit your videos. It is also possible to save YouTube video games such as Twitch clips to include in videos you already have.

Are you ready to begin downloading YouTube videos? With our advice and suggestions, you’ll be able to legally download YouTube videos and view them whenever you want to. Make entertaining videos using the YouTube downloads you have downloaded with Clipchamp.


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